$4 billion platform of major science and technology assets across multiple markets

In May 2022, we partnered with Ancora and committed $500m of seed capital to deliver major science and technology assets across multiple US markets.

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The partnership

The partnership is dedicated to driving science and technology growth across the US, building on the successful track record of Ancora’s team and the investing record of Legal & General Capital in the UK, including over $5 billion currently committed to development schemes at Oxford and Manchester universities.

Over the course of five years, Ancora will be capitalised by LGC to deliver $4 billion (£3.2bn) of existing pipeline and planned acquisition and development activity.

Ancora’s approach mirrors our tried and tested strategic partnership model, with an aligned focus on investing in socially and economically useful developments.

Looking across the campus (CGI)

Ancora acquires and develops real estate to serve high-growth science, technology, and innovation tenants in partnership with and proximate to leading US anchor institutions. It is based in Durham, North Carolina with team members in Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Indianapolis, New York, and Washington DC.

Core to Ancora’s program-first approach is to undertake development activity in direct partnership with anchor institutions such as universities, academic medical centres, government, and research institutes with whom they have strong and long-lasting relationships.

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Invest alongside us

To support future growth, we are seeking third party co-investment partners to accelerate scaling the portfolio. Get in touch if you would like to discuss further.