We bring a depth of resource, strong track record and intellectual property

We focus on sectors where there is a lack of investment and enduring demand to support society’s needs. We invest in ideas and entrepreneurs, back digital infrastructure and clean energy innovations, transform communities and launch new businesses to tackle the challenges we all face.

We are levelling up our regions, addressing the shortage of housing across the UK and finding new ways to build a better future for us all.

As a global organization working over generations and decades, rather than just years and months, we are committed to using our scale to embed long-lasting economic and social change.

We are scaling-up great commercial propositions from universities, labs and start-ups, which we believe is crucial to boosting the UK’s productivity and delivering decarbonisation.

We are committed to taking a proactive approach to supporting economic developments that benefit UK communities. We encourage organisations, peers and regulators to create an environment in which good management of ESG factors is valued and supported. This helps to protect and enhance long-term prospects for our clients.

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