Our investment approach

Our aim is to invest for the long-term in economically and socially useful assets, to secure competitive returns and to create new asset classes for Legal & General’s varied investment requirements, for our partners and for the wider marketplace.

Creating vibrant living environments
for the 21st century

In partnership with governments, local authorities, housing associations, developers and investors, we are committed to transforming and reshaping Britain’s landscape into vibrant and dynamic mixed-use communities that support existing businesses, offer new employment opportunities and provide housing for all ages and social groups.


Legal & General has been involved in housing for over 20 years, and our ambitions for this sector continue to develop through our multi-tenure housing strategy.

Future Cities

Legal & General Capital is committed to regenerating Britain’s towns and cities using its long-term capital to make investments that are mutually beneficial to our shareholders and the economy.

Principal Investing

Legal & General Capital is committed to invest in start-up businesses across the UK through Venture Capital managers and direct stakes in innovation.