12 January 2023

Our investment in Cambridge Electric Cement

Innovators at Cambridge University explore viability of zero-carbon cement


Cement is one of the most widely used materials on the planet, it is an essential building material in the construction industry, yet the production of cement is responsible for c.7% greenhouse gas emissions. Embedded cement emissions in construction materials are one of the most challenging scopes of emissions to tackle for housebuilders and landlords.  As significant investors in Real Estate, with a commitment to meet net zero across our portfolio, we are looking for innovative solutions and critical technology that will help us tackle Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions to achieve our net zero targets. 

In December 2022, Legal & General Capital invested in Cambridge Electric Cement, a novel company founded by three Cambridge academics, set up with the support of Legal & General and the University of Cambridge, using a pioneering approach to decarbonise cement production.  Cambridge Electric Cement is recycled zero carbon Portland cement, which eliminates the emissions of cement production, saves raw materials and reduces the emissions associated with steelmaking.