Investing in early stage careers

At Legal & General, we believe in investing in the next generation through supporting early-stage careers. We offer a range of exciting options for those embarking on their career – from summer internships and industrial placements to apprenticeships and graduate programmes.

We spoke with Investment Graduate in our Housing team, Phoebe Buckland, who shared her experience with Legal & General Capital to date and highlights how joining Legal & General could help you kick start your career.

Phoebe Buckland.jpg

Why did you decide to join Legal & General Capital?

I joined Legal & General Capital (LGC) as a graduate in September 2023 after completing a summer internship in the Housing team the previous year. I was drawn to LGC as it is a business that has proven its commitment to investing in a sustainable future, whether it's through clean energyurban regeneration or helping alleviate the UK's housing shortage. Being able to see the physical difference LGC's investments have made on city centres or creating affordable housing is something I really value about working here.


What value do you see your graduate role bringing to your career?

I have a strong passion for real estate and gaining the skills I need to be able to work in housing and real estate is setting me up really well for my future career. From the moment I joined the business I have felt valued within both my team and the wider LGC community, and it’s been great to learn about investments beyond housing in clean energy and urban regeneration.


How has the business supported your career to date?

Legal & General continues to invest in my personal development through mentorship programmes, personal development courses and supporting me through professional qualifications.

The early careers team have enabled us to build connections with other graduates across the whole company to create a lifelong network that will support us in the future.


What advice would you give some someone early in their career journey?

Say yes to as many opportunities as you can. Whether it's taking on a new work project or attending a networking event, it is the times where I have been out of my comfort zone where I have been able to learn the most.


For more details about careers at Legal & General Capital, please visit our Careers Page.