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Our investments.

List of investments

LGC is a direct investor of financial capital in the UK and its investment strategy is focused on specific sectors: Housing, Infrastructure - Urban Regeneration, Infrastructure - Clean Energy and SME Finance (supporting small and medium-sized businesses).


There is currently a severe housing shortfall in the UK. The country needs 250,000 new homes each year, with the average net delivery being 160,000 homes for the next 25 years. City living, modern working trends and the fact that people are living for longer are all exacerbating the problem. As part of LGC's response, we are building more homes to provide new solutions for modern living across multiple tenures.


With a growing population which is increasingly living and working in major towns and cities, the UK needs urban centres that are fit for purpose. Infrastructure investment will be key, not least urban regeneration, to boost these areas and support the local and national economy.

SME finance

UK economic growth relies on the success of small and medium sized businesses. Whether companies are looking to expand, launch new products, acquire another business or invest in new talent, growth can only come when there is investment. LGC have recognised these issues and encouraged new strategies promoting responsible investment and generating attractive returns with diversified risks for shareholders.  

What we do

LGC is part of Legal & General Group which aims to deliver value to its shareholders, to create assets for the business and provide clear commitment to partners.

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How we do it

LGC has identified key areas which have historically fallen short in terms of investment and innovation: Housing, Urban Regeneration, Clean Energy and SME Finance. Because LGC is able to take a long-term view, we can invest at an early-stage to create assets where we know there will be long-term demand.

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