Our focus areas

We are committed to taking a proactive approach to supporting economic developments that benefit UK communities. We encourage organisations, peers and regulators to create an environment in which good management of ESG factors is valued and supported. This helps to protect and enhance long-term prospects for our clients. 

Clean Energy

The energy sector is undergoing rapid and transformational change as technological advances and innovation deliver clean, affordable and reliable heat, power and transportation. We believe that electric vehicles, energy storage, smart grids and connected devices will enable us to optimise the use of more low-cost renewable power, while improvements in the energy efficiency of our buildings and local generation will reduce dependence on fossil-fuel power stations. 

We are committed to investing in clean energy, with a focus on technologies that present the greatest potential to make renewable and low carbon energy accessible and affordable for all consumers. Legal & General Capital will invest in the technology, infrastructure, businesses and services that are expected to bring about a significant change in the ways we will consume and pay for energy in the future. 

Building a stronger society

Our businesses are responsible for providing financial solutions to millions of people. We want to inspire people by showing how well we deliver these responsibilities to our customers over time, and how many customers’ lives have changed as a result. 

Legal & General Homes, our housebuilding arm, is the first house builder to embed the principle of Social Value into its business as part of its commitment to making a positive contribution to local communities. As a house builder, Legal & General Homes have an opportunity to make a real difference, regenerating the UK landscape for the better and building healthy communities that we can be proud of. 

Creating new investments for a future economy

Legal & General Capital’s investments are helping to address the chronic under-supply of housing, back new investment in infrastructure and fund small and medium sized enterprises. 

Legal & General Capital provides patient capital for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), along with its involvement in some of the UK’s biggest regeneration projects. We have major urban regeneration schemes in Salford, Cardiff, Newcastle, Leeds, Bracknell and Manchester. Future projects across other locations in the UK are also in the pipeline. 

Running business to a higher standard

We are determined to deliver the quality of service that our customers expect. We believe that better business decisions come from having a vibrant organisation that values inclusiveness and embraces diversity and difference. This enables us to create an inclusive workplace where all our employees can be themselves, realise their potential and deliver their best performance. Our people are engaged and empowered to deliver results because they are actively engaged in understanding diverse sets of views.

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