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How we do it.

Long-term value

LGC has identified key areas which have historically fallen short in terms of investment and innovation: Housing, Urban Regeneration, Clean Energy and SME Finance. Because LGC is able to take a long-term view, we can invest at an early-stage to create assets where we know there will be long-term demand.

While no investment is ever the same, our general approach is to either build enough expertise within LGC to launch our own business platform or partner with existing organisations. In the case of building our own platform, we are, for example, investing in the world’s largest modular factory which will deliver 3,500 homes per year. We have also created our own housebuilder to develop homes on sites which sit within LGC’s strategic land bank.

We have a proud history of partnering with leading experts to ensure the best skills and expertise are deployed. We look for deep-rooted industry insight, local knowledge and specialist access. Our investments and joint ventures include leading housebuilder, CALA Homes, a build-to-rent investment platform scheme with PGGM, the Dutch pension fund, corporate lending group, Pemberton, and clean energy firm, NTR.

Through LGC’s team of over 50 experts together with the wider reach of Legal & General Group, we offer partners the best in financial acumen and funding expertise. We are active in our approach and like to nurture our investments to create the best value and impact for all involved.

As our investments grow we are already thinking about the next stage of growth. This could be sourcing further investment from another part of Legal & General, or looking to attract further external commitments. 

What we do

LGC is part of Legal & General Group which aims to deliver value to its shareholders, to create assets for the business and provide clear commitment to partners.

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